CCP HeadshotWhen I was a kid, there was a standing joke in my family that I was the only one who wasn’t always taking pictures. Several years ago, I took a drawing class, and while I never really did get the knack of that, I really enjoyed playing with the little digital camera I bought for taking reference pictures. Then I found myself taking portraits of the actors at my local community theater, and I’ve been photographing people ever since.

These days, I find I’m all about the collaboration between the photographer and the subject. I think that together, we create more interesting images than either of us could do alone. That collaboration is what really feeds my creativity.


I’m available to shoot all kinds of portraits. Sessions start at $150, and you’ll get a selection of high-resolution files, suitable for printing. Just drop me a message and we’ll talk about what you need. Consultations are always free.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer … well, I’d be happy to recommend someone else. I know some great ones.


Because you’re visiting my web site, I imagine you’d like to see more photographs. Here are some suggestions:

  • My Flickr page — Where you’ll find more of my photography, including my non-portraiture
  • Model Mayhem and ISO Connection — Web sites that connect models and photographers
  • Facebook — Coming soon…

Or, you could also check out some of the photographers I’ve worked with: